List of products by brand TERRA FYLLIDA

The land of Fyllida (Terra Fyllida) through the myth, inspired us to embark on a culinary journey to the Mediterranean diet. A brother and sister born and raised in Thessaloniki, coming from different professions decided to return to the place of origin of our parents and deal with the mushroom processing and production of quality products from mushrooms.

"Locating a big gap in the market from Greek mushroom products except from the canned and fresh mushroom, since the one that could be found processed was only in import, excluding small exceptions. Seeing this and knowing the nutritional value of mushrooms such as fans, we decided to produce products and ready product proposals by mushrooms.

Any other vegetable or fruit have plenty of ready to serve products, while in mushrooms you should get it fresh and cook it yourself. " Our philosophy is the use of pure fresh ingredients, their correct management by experienced professional staff and strict hygiene rules.

All of Terra Fyllida products are produced without preservatives, no additives or colorings and can accompany tasty options, savory or sweet, a daily or evening receptions, catering to every taste, from the simplest to the most sophisticated!