List of products by brand TERRA GRECA

"The TERRA GRECA Company is based in Florina, Western Macedonia, Greece aims at the preservation and dissemination of Greek food.

Is a brand new company that was established in 2008 with turnover start in 2014. The interval that allowed us as a company, in-depth research and expertise, in the application of traditional recipes in large-scale production.

With a high sense of responsibility in the treatment and processing of agricultural products of superior quality, we place emphasis on genuineness and authenticity of Florinas red peppers. As a result we ensure top quality of the final product.

The company's location in Western Macedonia was chosen because it produces many high quality agricultural products collected at the time of their physical maturation because then the organoleptic characteristics are in their best phase. We cooperate with local producers who respect the environment they grow and produce high quality safe products, which demonstrate the use of integrated management in agricultural production. "