List of products by brand THE NUTLERS

"We are a family business engaged in the processing and commerce of nuts for over 30 years. Our experience, devotion and love for nuts led us to the creation of The Nutlers Company in 2017. Our target is the production of nut butter products and their spread all over the world.

Our team is responsible for all stages of product processing from the finding and supply of raw materials, processing and production to distribution of the products to our customers. f you are interested in tasty food or nutritious food, or if you are simply interested in fine food and are experimenting with new flavors then the Nutlers products are suitable to cover needs of all ages.

Our passion for a tasty and balanced diet is a commitment for us not only for maintaining high quality but also for generating new ideas towards the production of innovative products.

As proud supporters of the Greek products, the entire production of nut butters takes place in Greece with selected Greek raw materials. The Nutlers team overlooks with great care all the stages of production: from the selection and supply of raw materials to the processing, production and distribution to our customers.

We love the nice flavors and especially the nutritious food that besides pleasure it contributes to our balanced daily diet. Nut butter offers meals rich in nutritional value and can be eaten as part of the breakfast in yoghurt or bread as a snack for intermediate meals or dressing in sweet or savory flavors. "