List of products by brand KRIOS

The company Krios Tahini located outside Orestiada on privately owned premises of 41.078 square meters and is specialized in the cultivation and production of sesame paste. The aim of our company for the consumer is to purchase a product rich in nutrients from the Greek earth.

The years of experience in growing sesame and grain led the company to decide to offer you the first Greek tahini production and sesame cultivation on a large scale. The Tahini Krios is produced only by the sesame variety from Evros with the feature of goldish color and strong sesame smell.

The company wants to contribute to the environmental protection using organic farming practices, showing respect to nature and man. The final product is the result of pure wholemeal sesame and pure production process without additives. Tahini is a superfood and in the list of the most healthy and nutritious food, with high caloric output and simultaneously with high nutritional value.