List of products by brand ΔΑΡΝΑΚΩΝ ΓΕΥΣΕΙΣ

"In 2013, Sotiris Vagenas (Agricultural Technician) designed and created a fully equipped agricultural products processing plant, following the strictest European standards on food safety.

“Darnakon Gefsis” is the trademark of Sotiris’ Vagenas Cottage Industry. It is located at Neo Souli, Serres, Greece. The recipes, that have been created are made by the purest ingredients. No preservatives or colors are being used. We combine the expertise with homemade flavors and we serve you all the goodies of the Greek land.

In our products (Sauces and Jams), you can taste your favorite homemade flavors (Tomato Sauce with onion & bay laurel) but also new flavors like Tomato Jam, Orange and Carrot Jam, Strawberry and Chocolate Jam and more, that will make you fell in love with them from the first spoonful. They come ready to serve. No preparation needed. Enjoy with your loved ones something unique and delicious."