List of products by brand ΜΕΛΙΣΣΩΝΑΣ ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΗ

“Melissonas Diamanti”is a newly established beekeeping company by Diamantis Dimosthenis based in island of Serifos of the Cyclades. The meeting by chance after being urged by a friend with the magical world of the bees soon turned into a passion for working with this miracle of nature, the bee society and the wonderful products it produces. In 2012 he attends two circles of seminars, Apiculture and Professional Apiculture, at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and then permanently relocates with his first twenty bee swarms to Serifos, place of origin of his mother, with a view to professional beekeeping in the virgin island environment and the production of premium quality thyme and wild lavender honey as well as other bee products such as pollen, propolis and royal jelly all in limited quantities.

Today the beehives number four hundred, are being moved within Serifos so the bees exploit the lavender and thyme blossoms, honey is harvested in the newly-owned beekeeping workshop and packaged in the facilities of Serifos Beekeeping Cooperation.