List of products by brand PERLA

"Welcome to the world of molecular cuisine

Molecular cuisine If we want to give a definition of what is molecular kitchen, we would say that it is the understanding of the physicochemical methods that occur during cooking and the sequence of reactions made by different materials in a temperature-enhancing environment.

When in 1999 we created Ev Gaia (a company that deals with organic olive oil), the idea was to produce applying advanced technology on nature is unique organic ingredients. Our driving force was to behance your curiosity day by day and the idea came up after watching the world famous chef Ferran Adria creating his olive oils spheres. Today it is our great pleasure to present our first 6 products, based in to extra virgin olive oil and 1 based in olive, in a variety of flavors and the olive.

The products are available in two packages, 100gr for domestic and 300gr for professional use. The purpose of these products is to make the famous Greece olive oil worldwide protagonist.
... and there is continuity! "