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Generous sun, deep blue sea, people laughing and hugging around a table filled with Mediterranean goodies! Golden olive oil and precious wine that was adored by Gods… This is the beauty of Greece!

Just wonder… What if consumers all over the world could embrace the well known Mediterranean diet?  What if through the sales of the Greek products we could provide food to the homeless and support charitable institutions or non-profit organizations that help children and the elderly?

What if we could promote the benefits of Mediterranean diet and make a significant social contribution by helping those who are in need, through an organized effort?

This is how the idea of Wise Greece was born… 

With every WISE GREECE product that you buy, you help us provide food to homeless and children and in need!

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Wise Greece Corner

Wise Greece Corner

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These breadsticks with spinach, fresh dill, onion and extra virgin olive oil, taste like … spinach pie! It is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine or beer, you can enjoy it as a snack every day, and even our little friends will love it! Try it as an accompaniment to a green salad and you will thank us …

Anthos is a family business since 1989, which produces snacks, traditional breadsticks and other quality products that do not contain trans fats based on extra virgin olive oil and pure raw materials, without preservatives. As you would make them in your house!

Try the Wise Greece products and do not forget! With every product you choose, you help a lot of people with great need.