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"The mountain valley of Feneos in Corinthia, where we are based, stands at 900m. It is encircled by the mountain ranges of Ziria and Helmos, and is distinguished for its unique micro climate which affords both fecund soil and great fertility.

Renowned for the full-flavoured and savoury legumes of Feneos (Beans Vanilia Feneos, Gigantes Feneos, Fava Feneos etc.), all of which are the mainstay of our production, the area has been certified by the European Union (Protected Designation of Origin - PDO, Protected Geographical Indication - PDI) for one type of bean – the white Vanilia Beans of Feneos and Fava of Feneos.

Our respect for this dowry of our area is what guided us to the creation of one unit. A unit that processes and standardizes the legumes of our land. Notably, we apply ecological methods of pest control, thus avoiding the need for harmful pesticides, and in this way fulfill our desire to improve the quality of the food and nutrition of consumers through the provision of traditional, safe and inexpensive products "