Ladotyri - Olive Oil Cheese Bites - Basil 'Macar' 320g
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Ladotyri - Olive Oil Cheese Bites - Basil 'Macar' 320g

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A treasured specialty cheese matured in olive oil, Ladotyri is distinguished as a product of protected designation of origin - PDO, produced on the Greek island of Lesvos from local sheep and goat milk. In ancient times, the need to preserve cheese led the islanders to store it in clay containers filled with olive oil. Over time, an incredible maturing practice was discovered. Macar has revived this extraordinary tradition, while offering value that goes beyond flavor. To complement the premium quality of this cheese, Macar has selected world-renowned Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil PDO. As it matures, Ladotyri develops into a hard cheese with a very distinct sharpness and intense aroma, while the oil adopts a robust, peppery taste that makes it the perfect dressing or finishing oil. A blissful marriage of Mediterranean flavours, for gourmet lovers with eclectic taste. The pairing of basil and Ladotyri ia a match truly made in heaven. Basil lovers who crave its sweet, yet savory taste are sure to fall in love with the Basil label. The sharpness of the cheese is blanketed ever so gently by the slightly minty taste of Basil, leaving a mouth-watering sensation for more. Serve as an appetizer with cold-cut plate or pair with any Mediterranean salad. Drink with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. Drizzle olive oil over pasta dishes, chicken or blend with cream/tomato sauce.

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Ladotyri Mytilinis P.D.O. made of pasteurized sheep milk (90%) and goat milk (10%) (contains lactose), Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil P.D.O., Basil flavoring
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