About Legumes

About Legumes

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Legumes are widely used for human nutrition, with beans, lentils, chickpeas and fava being the most famous of them. From the past, the unofficial name "the meat of the poor" has been established because it contains a high percentage of protein, for a food originate from plants, with a fairly low price. It is a food category rich in fiber, with a low level of fat, which also have high nutritional value, high level of maintenance. They are at the base of the nutritional pyramid, and can greatly replace meat consumption. It is recommended that legumes should be consumed 3 times a week in various combinations. So you can consume legumes as a main meal or as an accompanying salad.

Small info: If we bring legumes into an acidic environment then the absorption of iron becomes much easier and especially if it is vitamin C (Ascorbic acid). So now we understand why we put vinegar or lemon in lentils or chickpeas and it is not just for the taste.

Tip for cooking: The protein of legumes is of low biological importance due to the low amino acid content. In order to take full advantage of legumes, you will need to combine them with cereals. This way you can fill in the lack of amino acids that legumes have and consume a meal rich in nutritional value without worrying about the fat and cholesterol that you would gain from eating meat.

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