Crystallization of Honey

Crystallization of Honey

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Crystallization is a natural phenomenon that occurs in pure, raw honey!

Honey tends to crystallize. At first crystals are formed at the bottom and the walls of the container. New crystals are added, which generally give an unpleasant image to honey. Crystallization also makes it difficult to use. Crystallized honey does not lose its properties. However, crystallization results in an uneven distribution of moisture, resulting in uncrystallised honey having more moisture (over 20-21%) and sometimes leading to fermentation.

If your honey crystallizes, do not worry! Instead you should be happy that you have bought an excellent and pure honey. (Adulterated honey is very hard to crystallize.)

Various attempts have been made to predict the start time of crystallization. The ratio of glucose / water is considered to be more satisfactory. Usually the flower honey crystallizes in a few weeks, the pine honey in a few months, and there are several species, such as honey of acacia, which takes years to crystallize. There are also fir-vanilla honey or fir honey, which do not crystallize except from some few years when soil conditions create the conditions for crystallisation to occur!

You can restore it to its original state by putting it in a ben-marie. Place the jar with your honey in a boiling pot and in a few seconds your honey will return to its original fluidity. Honey maintains its nutritional ingredients at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius so it is good to be careful not to exceed this temperature.


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