What are Organic Products?

What are Organic Products?

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Organic food products, organic cosmetic creams, organic perfumes and essential oils and the list goes on... We can now find organic products everywhere. In super markets, in bio markets even at our door without having to leave our home, using only modern technology.

We can find a wide variety of many groups of organic products, but do we know what they are before we buy them? Will they benefit us somewhere or is it just another marketing trick to buy something we might not need? So let's see what they are!

In these days, a large number of consumers have turned to organic products and most of them buying organic food, with certain groups of foods dominating such as those of vegetables, fruits and cereals and extra virgin olive oil. Organic products are produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Pesticides can be used if they are not synthetic, such as manure. The use of herbicides is prohibited and beneficial insects can be used in their place. Organic products should also have only organic ingredients such as sweeteners, colours, perfumes, etc. Animals reared for the production of organic dairy products should not take antibiotics or hormones. These are, of course, ensured by checks by competent authority which approve them as organic or reject them.

Organic products have no higher nutritional value than non-organic (conventional) products. However, research has shown that they have a higher concentration of antioxidants and are richer in vitamins (vitamin C) and minerals (iron, phosphorus and magnesium). Also research done to the consumer public has shown that consumers find a biological product more palatable than a non-organic one.

For all of the above, combined with the protection of the environment brought about by the non-use of herbicides, a large part of the consumer public has turned to the use of only organic products for their daily diet.

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