General terms

Pinakion reserves the right to freely modify or review the terms and conditions of use and transactions on the e-shop, whenever it deems it necessary, and it assumes the responsibility to inform the consumers on any modification through the pages of this e-shop. Any contracts through the e-shop are drafted in Greek, unless it is otherwise agreed.


The available products for sale, the characteristics and prices thereof can be found on the web address and are accessible to everyone. Users can find further information on every product by clicking on the product icon. Pinakion guarantees that customers will be timely informed regarding the availability of the products, but it shall not bear any responsibility for the availability thereof. Pinakion uses its best endeavors everyday in order to provide all necessary information on every product (materials, characteristics, prices, etc.). However, in order to limit any mistakes, we would recommend that, before completing any purchase, you should contact us if prices or any other product characteristic are different than usual. The prices of products made available on the web page correspond to the current prices applicable in our company’s stores. At particular times, special offers and discounts may apply in the context of promotional activities undertaken by the company that shall be valid only for specific products and only for purchases on our website. Prices shown on the relevant catalogs under every product include VAT, while “Pinakion” e-shop reserves its right to adjust prices without having the obligation to inform consumers.


The full content of the e-shop including distinctive titles, marks, pictures, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, etc. are Pinakion‘s intellectual property and are protected pursuant to the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or are the intellectual property of third parties for which our COMPANY has obtained permission to use exclusively for its needs and for the operation of the e-shop. Any copying, transfer or creation of derived work based on this content or any misleading of the public regarding the real provider of the e-shop is prohibited. Reproduction, reissue, upload, announcement, diffusion or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is allowed only with the prior written agreement of our company or any other beneficiary of intellectual property rights. Names, pictures, logos and distinctive characteristics set out describing the e-shop with the trademark Pinakion or the products or services of our COMPANY or third parties are assets of the COMPANY or third parties respectively, and are protected by the relevant laws on trademarks. In no case does the use thereof on the e-shop grant permission or right to use them to third parties.


Users/customers agree and proceed to use the services, the information and the data on the e-shop as provided by the law and according to good faith and fair dealing. They are obliged not to use the e-shop with the trademark Pinakion for: 1. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content that is illegal for any reason, causes illegal damage to our COMPANY or any third party or violates the confidentiality or the secrecy of information of any person 2. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content causing violation of morality, social values, minors etc. 3. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content the users do not have a right to transmit pursuant to the law or the provisions in force 4. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content violating any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual or other property rights of third parties of any kind 5. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content containing software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed with the purpose of disrupting, causing damage, destroying or equipping the operation of any software or computer material, 6. intentional or non-intentional violation of the applicable legislation or provisions, 7. harassment of third parties in any way 8. collection or storage of personal data in relation to other users.


Any links included on the e-shop lead to the shop’s pages or, in some cases, lead the user from the e-shop to websites of third party providers, businesses, etc. These related websites are not under the control of our COMPANY and the COMPANY does not bear any responsibility whatsoever as to the contents of any such web page or link included in a related web page or any changes or updates to such web pages. The COMPANY is not responsible for online broadcasts or any form of transmission received from any linked web page. The COMPANY only provides these links on its e-shop in order to facilitate the use of the e-shop; their use by the visitor/customer is not mandatory and the fact that they are found on the e-shop does not imply that our COMPANY accepts their contents.


*Due to Covid-19 pandemic there might be some delays to ship the orders. 

Products shall be delivered by courier companies such as ASC, Speedex, DHL, UPS and it may be transported inside the country with a transport company for orders over 10kg.

The order is shipped in 1 to 5 business days from the payment of the products. Shipping costs and any taxes and duties are borne by the customer (for shipment abroad).

Free shipping for orders over 39 euros is for the value of products including VAT and for orders whose weight (actual or volumetric) does not exceed 4 kg. Free shipping is for Greece only. Free shipping is not combined with any discounts on items or other offers except for specific exceptions.

*Hard-to-access points will be served by the nearest service point of each Courier or transport company.

Otherwise and after consultation of the customer with Pinakion, delivery can be made to the shipping address with the extra charge of hard-to-access points in the form of cash on delivery to the distribution officer.

Extra charge of hard-to-access points is 5 euros. Cash on delivery charge 2 euros. 

Hard-to-access points are subject to a 1-3 day delay in delivery.

If, due to force majeure, (e.g. bad weather, strikes, etc.) the delivery of your products is not possible within the defined time, we shall inform you via e-mail. Pinakion shall not bear any responsibility for any circumstance that is not its fault and shall make any reasonable effort to better serve you.

If you placed an order online and during the delivery you see that a (or some) product(s) is missing, please contact us so that we can take any necessary actions and send you the missing products without any charge.

Pinakion is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of information given on the e-shop regarding our COMPANY’s identity as well as the transactions offered on our e-shop. According to the principle of good faith, the company is not responsible for and is not bound by any electronic data registrations made in error as commonly happens and has the right to correct these when it becomes aware of them.

In the context of transactions on its e-shop Pinakion is not responsible and is not liable to pay compensation for any harm or damage arising from canceling of orders, not execution of orders or delay in the execution of orders for any reason whatsoever. It does not guarantee the availability of products shown on the e-shop, but it informs the interested customer regarding availability based on the data kept and, in the event of change of these data, it assumes the responsibility to timely inform customers regarding the non-availability; in this case, it shall bear no further responsibility. The e-shop provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations), the products made available on the website “as such”. In no case shall Pinakion have any civil or penal liability for any damage (incidental, special, consequential, related to, but not limited to, alternatively or/and cumulatively, loss of profit, loss of data, loss of revenue, damages, etc.) that may be suffered by a visitor of the e-shop or a third party related to the functioning or not or/and the use of the website or/and inability to provide services or/and products or/and information made available on it or/and any unauthorized interference by third parties to products.


1) If you have a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card, you can safely use it for your orders.

2) PayByBank. For the payment of your order and its immediate execution without any further procedures and transaction fees, you can pay at your bank via web banking or mobile apps, by choosing PayByBank payments. We shall be automatically informed about your payment and we shall forward your order. In the event of any transaction fees for a Greek or foreign bank, these shall be incurred by the customer.

3) Deposit in a bank account indicated by us. If you pay at a bank, you shall send us via e-mail the relevant deposit receipt so that we can immediately forward your order.

4) Payment via PAYPAL. Our company does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for PayPal’s policies, procedures and operation. In the event that you receive a refund via a third party payment service provider (e.g. PayPal or credit cards), you may incur a commission that such third party payment service provider shall charge according to its terms of use and operation for which we are not responsible.

5) Payment by CASH-ON-DELIVERY applies only in Greece at an extra cost. Payment is made in cash, only in Euro, to the company’s employee, upon delivery of your order at your address after you have checked the parcel delivered. In any case, payments are made pursuant to the applicable legislation and the individual tax provisions. For example:

- For orders over 50 Euro, the customer’s name, surname and address are required.

- For purchases over 500 Euro by an individual, payment is made with one of the following methods (mandatory provisions): Charge of credit or debit card/Deposit in our business’ Bank Account (indicated on the checkout page)/Payment via PayPal.