Black Garlic Starter Kit 'Black Garlic DownVillage' 25g-20g-15g
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Black Garlic Starter Kit 'Black Garlic DownVillage' 25g-20g-15g


Starter kit of 3 black garlic products. Whole black garlic cloves 25g, black garlic honey 20g and black garlic caviar 15g


White garlic caramelizes slowly for 40 days, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, developing especially tasty features, but also its antioxidant properties.

After the garlic is matured, we peel the cloves by hand, choosing only the best and premium, which are placed in sterile glass jars.

The result is extremely aromatic, with senses of liquorice, caramel, coffee and molasses. It is soft, and can be used easily melted in warm and cold sauces, or as a spread in marinades, in salads, pasta, used as an ingredient in super food bars as well.

As time passes it matures even more, obtaining a chewy texture. At this stage, it can be consumed like a candy or as a super food snack. Or do it the Korean way: dipped in chocolate!

Whole cloves can be used in pesto for pasta or risotto sauce, as a sandwich or burger spread, in tzatziki, but also to give body and scent to meat sauce sauces.


Black garlic with pine tree and oak honey is a combination of 2 super foods. The light bitterness of honey blends ideally with the gentle aromas of garlic, creating a product that has countless applications in sweet or savory recipes.

Black garlic honey and matured cheese are the perfect match! Combine it with yellow or white matured cheese, as a dip or spread on crostini’s, with nuts for a quick snack. It also fits with mature cold cuts, as side dish, in sandwiches and varieties.

The creative combinations with this product are endless. Don’t be afraid to combine it with fresh fruit.

Added in marinades and spreads, plain or with spices like cardamom, pepper and cedar, gives a fragrant crust in grilled meats. Can also be used in rolls, ideally aromatizing meat or chicken.


Black Garlic, honey, coffee and agar-agar are the ingredients that create drop by drop black garlic caviar. After this procedure, we select the best drops  and place them in pasteurized jars.

Expect a gentle taste, but unlike our other black garlic products, Black Garlic caviar does not add aroma directly to your recipe, all the aromas are released after it is bitten.

It can be used as an ingredient in a dressing for salads, in cold soups, or as a finish on dishes, giving an elegant look at serving and a sweet explosion in your mouth.

Try it on canape, crackers, any finger food you can imagine or sushi, pleasantly surprising your guests!



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25g - 20g - 15g
glass jars in a box

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